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Intro and all that rubbish. (I’ve done this too often already!)

Apologies for the longish explanation to follow. 🙂 Everything else I post is going to be super interesting and adorable to boot. Promise. 🙂

I am that lazy person who makes blogs every once in a while, posts a few things, and then fizzles out. I’m hoping I don’t do that with this one, but I’m not making any promises.

This time, I have a greater reason for migrating to a new blog. Two reasons, actually. The first is that my old url is long, absurd, hard to comprehend and harder to remember. (For other people, that is.) The second reason is that I made an account using my university email which is obviously going to be inactive after I graduate. Which is less than a year from now. So, I’m going to slowly migrate a bunch of the old posts off my latest blog misadventure on to this blog.



2 thoughts on “Intro and all that rubbish. (I’ve done this too often already!)

  1. That’s the great thing about blogging. You can add posts all day long or just throw one down when the feeling strikes.

    1. You’re right. 🙂
      Thanks for following my blog!

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