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Bye Reading Slump aka Lessons from Romance? -cringes-

Well, there went my reading slump! I finished the book in two hours even though I washed my hair and talked on the phone in between. I…feel like I’ve gobbled it whole. It was a very cute book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And since I have it on my Kindle (Instant gratification ftw), I predict many many rereads.

The book in question is Isla and the Happily Ever After. I admit it, I’m a bit prejudiced against romance novels and young adult ones, especially (I apologise to the people who enjoy this genre, but I do admit it’s a prejudice, and I’m sure it’s an unfair one at least some of the time.)

I just don’t like the idea that some of the books in this genre project; that a person’s life can be based entirely around someone else and their interactions with that someone else. It just seems like a gross oversimplification, especially in this age where women are ambitious and passionate and independent. I want to read books about women like that, about women who value themselves, or who try to learn to value themselves, and who love somebody not out of necessity but entirely because they want to. I want to read about women who know what they’re getting into when they say they love someone. I understand that we’re all looking for someone to love us, whether platonically or romantically, but our lives aren’t just about that. And I want to read books that acknowledge that.

Also, reading a romance novel never leaves me dumbstruck or mindfucked. They aren’t usually thought-provoking, so I always felt like I could be reading something else when I was reading them. But I’ve now realised that not every book I read has to be mind-boggling. It can just be that it makes me happy because it was well-written and charming and insightful. After all, romance and love are important to a lot of people. romance novels just choose to deal with that theme, that aspect of our lives. I will never be a person who reads romance novels exclusively, or even all that often, but sometimes, after a bad couple of weeks, and annoying readers’ block, a romance novel is good for you.

Sometimes you read a book only for the story. Sometimes, you don’t read ‘literature’, and you acknowledge that you still enjoyed it. Sometimes, instead of laying up all night thinking about the messages and ideas in a book, you curl up in a blanket and dream nice dreams thanks to the fuzzy aftermath of reading.  Sometimes. And that’s okay. Books exist to teach and challenge, but they exist to comfort too. 🙂

Remember that the next time you feel embarrassed about reading a romance novel. Or judge someone for reading one. 😛

Also, read Stephanie Perkins. She’s good.

I’m happy now.^_^



3 thoughts on “Bye Reading Slump aka Lessons from Romance? -cringes-

  1. hi just felt the same a few days ago.. had blogged about it on my blog as “what makes a good read?”. do go through and let me know what you felt

    1. I will do so, Preethi. 🙂 Welcome to my blog. I look forward to corresponding more with you.

      1. same here:)

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