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30 Day Book Challenge — Day 9 | A book you Thought you Wouldn’t Like but Ended up Loving

Much tired, Such sleep-deprived… wow. Today was an exhausting day. I want to crawl into bed now and wake up on the weekend. But I ended the day with excellent food, so there was that. Tomorrow, I will finally write my review for Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry. 🙂 It’s late I know. but it’s at least still the same month! -thumbs up- Excuse any typos, by the way, because I am only half awake. 

Now on to the challenge. This is a good one. The book I’m going to talk about today is something of a Modern classic, or a cult classic I think but a lot of people I know really hated it. I read this book first as part of a book club (Or I tried) and everyone in it said they couldn’t get through it. Or they did get through it and could not stand it. So I dropped it.

Fast forward a few months, and a friend of mine sees the book on my shelf and say she loves the book, and that it taught her what good writing could do, and that it was fantastic, basically… and then she strong-armed me into giving it another go. I gave in mostly because I was too broke that month to buy any new books and -shrug- I thought I might as well give it another shot. (I usually don’t persist reading books I cannot get into but I do give them multiple attempts before I discard them as no good. I’m nice that way. 😀 And a lot of my favourite books have been found because of my second chances. And 15th chances.)

Anyway. This book. It blew my mind the second time around! It’s pretty short but I read it in a few hours and I was panting for breath when I reached the ending because it picks up pace so rapidly  and then it…stops. It’s amazing.

The book I’m talking about it Lord of the Flies by William Golding. It’s about a group of schoolboys whose plane crashes into a deserted island and they try to bring about  a semblance of order into their disarrayed lives… And they fail. The descent into anarchy is so gripping. This book is symbolic of man descent into being a beast if their orderly llves fall apart. It’s pretty radical, realistic and thought-provoking. So yes… I guess I love it. 🙂

Well, that’s it for today.

Good night. 😀



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