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30 Day Book Challenge — Day 10 | My Favourite Classic Book

So… I’m unwell. I developed a cold and fever overnight it seems. I’ve been sneezing like mad. 🙁 If this post sucks, forgive me. 

My favourite Classic is kind of a cliche. I feel like there are broadly two cliche types of people when it comes to what their favourite Classic: People whose favourite classic is Pride and Prejudice and People whose favourite Classic is Wuthering Heights!

(..I’m only joking.)

I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice, but my favourite Jane Austen is actually Persuasion. Just FYI. (Some people do name dropping; I do book-name dropping so that these books get more attention. 😀 ) Persuasion was her last completed novel and it really shows, in terms of how mature, realistic and far more jaded the book is than her other novels. The humour too, is outright snarky in this book.

But my FAVOURITE Classic novel is the aforementioned wonderfully written WUTHERING HEIGHTS. I read it for the first time when I was 16 and I’ve written 4 pages in my journal describing in embarrassing detail, why I loved the book so much. The themes of forbidden love are course evergreen, but it was the characters whom I loved and cared about despite their extreme flaws that I marvelled about the most. I learned about the irrationality that cruelty to a child can breed. I also enjoyed the format of a narrative within a narrative.And the ending was the book’s redemption. 🙂 I need to reread this book soonsies. And if y’all haven’t read it yet, please do. I firmly believe that Emily Bronte is the best writer of the three Bronte sisters. So yes. 🙂



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