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30 Day Book Challenge — Day 13 and 14 (Sorry) | My Favourite Writer and My Favourite Book by My Favourite Writer

This moment was bound to come, even though I was trying very hard not to bring up this author because it’s just boring and expected and not at all interesting to read. It’s not my fault though, because when absolute, extreme questions like “favourite” something are asked, I have to be honest. And let’s be honest, I could answer almost every single question (The positive ones anyway) with a treatise about this author and her books. I’m sure all of you have already guessed whom I’m talking about.

I am talking of course, about my personal writing role model and heroine and goddess, J.K. Rowling. I know. Shocking! This is the reason I did not post yesterday because otherwise both posts would be very similar long-winded rants about my love for J.K Rowling.

My love for her Harry Potter books is infinite, but what blows my mind is how she tried her hand at TWO more distinct genres from fantasy and she rocked at it! i am so jealous. Authors usually have a niche area that they’re excellent at, and that makes me admire them sufficiently but this woman. THIS WOMAN. Is there anything she isn’t good at?!!!! And she gives money to charity! And she has a happy family. And she’s hilarious! Follow her on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean

Also, I’ve read a few books of Margaret Atwood’s and she also seems to be one of those authors who writes in a variety of genres, and writes them well. I need to read more of her. So far I’ve read Bodily Harm, The Blind Assassin and A Handmaid’s Tale by her and I loved al of these books.

The thing about me is that it freaks me out that there is this stereotype that authors are alcoholic loners who almost never have happy family lives and make their spouses and children (If any) miserable. I think this has been consudered even truer of women authors because the brunt of homemaking and child care traditionally falls on the woman and that means one has to CHOOSE or you know, have your kids despise you and your work.

Also, the idea that I might end up depressed, suicidal or alcoholic if I become a full-time writer has also been communicated to me. Having a healthy life and a family are very important to me, almost as much as writing is, and I love that J.K. Rowling has done both.. Also, the fact that she battled with poverty, depression and won out! She gives me hope in addition to making me very jealous with every new masterpiece she publishes.

 Let me make it very clear that I do not judge the lifestyles of persons who choose not to have children or to not marry or commit long-term. Far from it. These are just personal goals, and my role model is naturally somebody who has achieved them.

Another writer I admire for figuring out the balance between his personal and professional life and still making it huge and being wildly popular and brilliant is Stephen King. I’ve only read two of his novels, Carrie and The Shining and they both freaked me out and impressed me. What I really loved was his memoir/writing guide On Writing which is useful, intimate, interesting and amazing. It is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Uh, let’s get back to the topic shall we? My favourite book by J.K Rowling is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It’s kind of a funny story but this was actually my first Harry Potter. (For those weird minorities who have not read Harry Potter, this is the fourth book) I read it when I was 10 because of jealousy. This is not a joke.

I was one of those hipster kids who had fun stating that she hated Harry Potter without reading a word of it. I turned down my mum’s offers to get it for me multiple times. But then, she bought it for a cousin of mine who come to India from Australia because he’d actually read the first three books I think. And I immediately wanted it. Ok, can you guys really blame me? It had a freaking dragon on the cover ok? And it was so big! Every true book lover knows that nothing is more enticing that a promising, big book.

I pestered my mum until she got me a copy as well and I read and read and read. And I fell in love with Harry Potter even though I hadn’t read the first three books. And the rest as they say, is history.

Objectively speaking though, this book is so much darker than the first three, which I love. (And so much bigger, which I truly LOVE.) There is so much more conflict, so much character development, and so much intrigue. It’s the best one in the series, guys. I can say this unequivocally after having read all seven books. (Multiple times, I may add) Harry, Ron and Hermione really start to grow up in this book. And it doesn’t drag on in any part. And this is the book that sets the climax of the series in motion. It’s perfection, is what it is.

So…yes. It’s finally happened. A un-contained Harry Potter explosion all over my blog. Um. Whoops? 😛




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