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30 Day Book Challenge | A Favourite Book Turned into a Movie

I have had the most terrible last few days. I was sick and I still had to study because my exams started today. I had a huge fight with an important person on Saturday and I had to pull a number of all-nighters to manage my backlog while sneezing 15 times a minute and sniffling into wads of loo roll.

I have a few other problems in college too, that I do not want to talk about on here. But I have been extremely stressed… Sometimes, problems just come in groups and life goes terribly downhill. And time just spirals out of control… Speaking of which, I saw Interstellar today!!! Maybe I’ll talk about that in a later post. 🙂 Anyway,I’m getting life back on track, or trying anyway, and things are looking up. I know it’s cheating if the 30 day Book Challenge is not done consecutively… but I kind of want to do it anyway. Can we just sort of ignore my little hiatus and pretend it never happened? Please?

My favourite book which has been made into a movie is Matilda by Roald Dahl. It’s categorised as a children’s book, but let me tell you this. I reread the book in October and I still found it clever and funny. It’s one of my favourite books of all time.

The interesting thing about this movie is that I saw it before the book, which is something I very rarely do. In fact, I make a conscious effort not to do it. The thing about this movie though, is that I saw it at camp and it was actually divine because I hadn’t watched any TV for about 8 days by then, which was extremely impressive for little Sindhu, who was almost as devoted to her cartoons, as she was to her books. (Let’s face it. I still love me my cartoons! Phineas and Ferb, anyone?)

Anyway, when we realised there was a movie showing, we were thrilled and it was this whole experience, you know? We sat with our friends instead of with the groups we were sorted into. We were sprawled all over instead of sitting in neat rows. I was away from home and from my books, for the first time. And this movie, it just blew my mind! I had no idea it was a book until a couple of years later, by the way. But the movie is adorable, funny and clever, just like the book, even though they changed things, as movie-makers are wont to do… (Why is that??? It annoys me no end! Let’s discuss this more in tomorrow’s post about the movie which massacred the book, okay?)

I haven’t re-watched the movie since that time nearly 12 or 13 years ago (Good God!) but the whole thing is etched clearly in my memory. Maybe I should re-watch it? Do you guys think I’ll still like it? I hope so…



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