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30 Day Book Challenge– Day 20 (ish) | Book Turned into a Movie and Completely Desecrated

I have an exam tomorrow, guys, and I haven’t done any work! God. Wish me luck! On the other hand, the other stuff that was bothering me has been sorted out. So yay! πŸ™‚

I don’t watch too many book movie adaptations because I’m scared of being disappointed. More often than not, they do desecrate the movie, don’t they? I also watch a lot of romantic comedies and not too much serious stuff, because that’s what books are for! I actually only started to watch movies a lot more this year because I felt like I wasn’t doing the cinema medium justice. I saw a bunch of movies in the theatre this year (Around 5 I think? Or 6.) and it’s about the same number I’ve seen in the theatre the last 4 years, I think. So yes.

The movies i did try to watch are the Harry Potter movies. And my least favourite one is the 6th one. I never finished watching it, as a matter of fact. My friend had a DVD and she was trying to get me to watch it, and I just… didn’t want to. And then I saw the scene with Harry in the diner where he flirts with the waitress and I was like, what?! That’s exactly what didn’t happen! I love the scene with the Dursleys at the beginning of the book and they just removed it. Why? Why would they do that? Why are they making Harry flirt instead? I don’t know! It’s inexplicable! Abominable!

Uh… yes. Strong feelings. πŸ˜› -tries to calm self-

So yeah. That’s my answer I guess. πŸ™‚



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