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30 Day Book Challenge– Day 21 | My Favourite Childhood Book

I really feel like this challenge is far too repetitive, don’t you? It could also just be because I ramble far too much and I talk about a lot of extra books and the novelty and suspense is just lost. Lost, I tell you!

Well, one of my favourite childhood books of all time is Matilda by Roald Dahl, but I’ve talked about this book A LOT.There’s also Harry Potter (of course) which defined the childhoods of an entire generation.

I am also a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan. <3 It was quite serendipitous that I got to reading her books. They were available in my library and my mum picked one out for me and I was HOOKED. I think the one I read first is The Story of Tracy Beaker, which is funny, adorable and heart-breaking. Tracy Beaker remains Jacqueline’s most popular character to date. šŸ˜‰ My favourite Jacqueline Wilson books, however, are are Midnight and Secrets. They’re both a little angsty but I read them at a time when I was an angsty, insecure little girl (I’m still angsty and insecure, by the way. I’m just older and better at hiding it. )and they REALLY helped. My copy of Midnight literally fell apart because I read it so frequently.The thing I loved best about the Jacqueline Wilson books was that she referenced a lot of books that her protagonists were reading, sometimes fictional and sometimes real. And I went ahead and read most of the real books that she mentioned.

That’s how I was introduced to, among other books, A Little Princess by Frances Hogdsen Burnett, which is the most beautifully heartwarming story I’ve ever read. I love it. It’s very sad in parts, but I worshipped Sara and I actually learnt to be less angsty from her. She’s wonderful. This book does not fail to make me cry every time I read it, sometimes out of sorrow, and sometimes out of sheer joy. Sweetest book ever! I cannot wait to introduce it to my children. I am going to build up a massive children’s library for my kids, by the way. It’s going to rival my own library and I will take greedy, nostalgic dips into their books after they’ve gone to bed. -sighs contentedly-

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