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Seven (Bookish) Things You Didn’t Know about Me

i love tag type viral stuff, especially the ones about books. I always want to do the ones that pop up on Youtube but there’s so few of them that would be as fun when not in a video format. And of course, I haven’t the balls to actually start up a channel of my own even though I’ve been intending to for MONTHS. So yes. 😛 But that isn’t what this post is about, of course. (Wouldn’t that make for fun reading? Sindhu, I want 1000 words about your lack of balls and I want it on my desk by Monday!) Let us limp our way back to the point, shall we? All together now.

There is a thing that’s been going around on Facebook called “7 things you didn’t know about me” and Reading Addicts, which is one of the several blogs about books, reading and writing I follow, decided to switch it up a bit and make it about books. I thought it looked like a lot of fun, so I’m doing it too. 😀 (Yes.That should have been how this post started. But then you wouldn’t get acquainted with mydelightfully neurotic personality. And wouldn’t that just be a shame?)

Anyway, here goes:


I am actually obsessive about having a book wherever I go, and I actually don’t buy handbags that can’t fit books it them. I was once out handbag shopping with my mum and this super adorable bag sort of looked like it could hold a book in it. My mum said “I’m sure it can fit a book. Just get it.” because I was being super wishy washy about what bag I wanted. After 20 minutes of thinking about it and staring at the bag, much to the chagrin of the salesperson, I said “OH WAIT” and pulled my book out of my current handbag, then yanked all the stuffing out of the new bag, and tried to stuff my book in it. AND IT DIDN’T FIT. So I left. Yes, I’m a lovely person. Good times.


I never formally learned to read, nor did anyone read to me when I was little or anything. I just picked it up on my own. When I was three, my parents took me to a temple and they didn’t let me bring one of my books with me because place of worship and all that. It was super crowded, as temples are, and my parents ended up losing me. They freaked out, because you know, I was super cute and they kinda liked me when I wasn’t crying or throwing up.

So, they looked all over the place and finally located me. My mum claims I was in a remote corner poring over an old newspaper because obviously, the stress of being separated from the printed word was just too much to take. Obviously. Can I say something though? I’m 22 and I can still imagine behaving the exact same way.


I wasn’t a very huge fan of my own uneventful life so I would always superimpose myself as an extra character in my favourite books and retell the stories to myself. It could be any book from an Enid Blyton book, Harry Potter, or even the Babysitter’s Club. I did this everywhere: In boring classes, while walking places, before sleeping, on the pot; you name it.

I basically wrote fan-fic in my head before I knew what the hell it was. My mum told me recently that she could actually hear me talk to myself when I was in the loo or showering. I hadn’t realised I was doing it out loud! I just grinned sheepishly and agreed that that’s all it was because it’s less embarrassing than what I was ACTUALLY doing.


My favourite time in the year was when the Scholastic order sheet things came along. (I don’t know if you guys know what I mean. My class teacher would give everyone a little booklet with a list of children’s books that Scholastic had published and you could tick off the books you wanted at the back of the booklet and hand it in with a cheque for the required amount the next day and a few weeks later, you’d get a manila envelope of the books you wanted. It was like magic.)

Once my teacher gave me the thing, I would say goodbye to classes for the rest of the day and pore over it and make a longlist of the books I wanted. Then my mum would go over my longlist we’d make a shortlist with debates and negotiations that would put any Parliament to shame. I always had the most books delivered to me of anyone in my class, often needing more than one envelope to hold the lot. It was not just because I read a lot, but also because my parents were so wonderfully generous when it came to things like books.


I have this nasty habit of abandoning books if I don’t like how they start because there are so many options and it’s so easy to get distracted. I do this thing, where if I can’t read a book for ages, I make sure it’s the only thing I bring with me on a trip so that I get desperate for reading material (Which inevitably happens) and push myself through it. Of course, since I got my Kindle, this has become a tad harder to do. I still think it’s a genius, foolproof plan though.

The last book I remember doing this for was The Host by Stephenie Meyer, which I didn’t love or anything, but I really did enjoy it once I got past the first 50 pages. It’s far superior to the Twilight saga, that’s for sure. I’d take aliens in a dystopicworld over sparkling, borderline abusive vampires any day. It’s actually a pretty good premise too, and works well as a stand-alone. I’m glad she never got round to writing those sequels.


As I’ve said several times on this blog, there’s nothing I love more than a juicy, chunky book to settle into and wallow in until it feels like it’s a part of me. This is not a recent thing. When I was 13, I went up to the librarian at my school and said “Ma’am, I finished my tests today. Please give me some fat book to read.” She made fun of that phraseology till I graduated.

As far as the thin books were concerned, there were times when I’d issue them, read them (during lunch and sometimes in class also. Please don’t tell.) and return them the same day, issuing a thicker book to take home for the day.


I have panic attacks imagining what I would do if my future children don’t read. I have legit driven myself to the brink of tears imagining this possibility. No joke.

Yeah. I’m just going to leave that there.

Tell me what you guys think of these fascinating insights into the awesome mind of Sindhu. Tell me some of your own bookish stories in the comments. Bonus points will be given if they’re embarrassing. If you do the tag, link me to it. I’d love to read. 😀


Until next time,



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