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Hello, hello, hellooo! Keep reading. There may be cute pictures.

LOOK! It's a cute puppy! Err...spoiler alert. :p

LOOK! A PUPPY! Look at those eyes!

My world has been turned upside down! I have returned home… for good. My entire world in college fit into two suitcases and two cartons. An end with a fizzle, indeed.
Yes, one of those cartons was books, not including the ones my parents brought home in March, and the ones I had brought back myself every vacation sneakily in my back to save luggage weight. (I do have back problems from grinning and pretending my backpack doesn’t weigh a thing. Thank you for asking. :p)
Well, that was the bad news. Moving on…
My parents knew I would be miserable to leave my home of half a decade, and some of the smartest people I have had the privilege of meeting.
And so… as the more erudite of you may have guessed, THEY BROUGHT HOME A TINY GERMAN BUNDLE OF JOY. (I mean he’s a german shepherd, guys. Keep up.) It’s the thing I have been asking for since I was a 5 year old smaller than this guy isn’t going to become in 5 months. <3333
Well, I am terribly sorry for the radio silence, guys. Forgive me?


I did read some books after my exams, (and during too. Stop looking at me like that) including Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel and Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly, especially the former.
I haven’t read at all since I came home because I had two papers to write and submit and a puppy to look after. I will have to try and get on top of the HUMONGOUS reading list I have pending now that things are settling down.
Here: one more cute:


I officially introduce all of you to Terry. 🙂
I missed you guys! I will be gooood. Promise.

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