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Out-of-body experiences and complete overhauls

Look at the date, everyone! It’s 3rd of June! Those of you keeping tabs on my life, and I sincerely believe that all the followers of my blog are, ought to therefore be eagerly awaiting my update about my job! I have been at work for 3 days as of today! Huzzah! I’m an advocate! I really like my workplace and my coworkers, if anyone is wondering, which I again sincerely believe all of you are!
My reading isn’t suffering as much as I expected because I’ve been told to leave by 8.30 pm, which still leaves me sufficient time to read and relax at home. I’m presently reading NW by Zadie Smith, which is so arresting and well-written that I deserve a medal for being able to put it down. It’s a sign of growth and maturity, if I do say so myself. -sigh- Bloody adulthood, huh?
I’m reading this for a book club, and I suggested it myself because I loved On Beauty so much. have about a 150 pages of The Robber Bride left to read, which I haven’t yet because the book is too big to carry to work. Can you believe this is what it has come to?! Hmph. I’ll pick it up tonight after work.
I didn’t yesterday because I spent most of last night catching up on Doctor Who episodes, and I was in heaven! I’m watching quality TV and watching movies now, per my resolution from the beginning of the year to appreciate other media, and not just print. As a rule, I’m very much of a book snob and I’m trying to fix that. 🙂
I recently watched Mad Max: Fury Road and ADORED it. Much feminism, such love!
Oh, also, I went to a bookstore to celebrate the end of my carefree life, and I bought a ton of books. Aspirational, they are. Do you guys want to see a book haul? Maybe I’ll do one this weekend. 🙂 so there’s that to look forward to. Yay!
So… this is my life now, folks. 🙂


Here us a picture of my puppy concentrating on deep matters such as the fact that his ball is out of reach. Okay. NOW this my life, guys. :p Da puppeh is preciousest. 😀
Well, that’s it for now.

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