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Currently Reading (and not writing. As usual.)

Hello, my good people.
A quick update is in order, so that you know I’m still alive and in my senses. Cheers to that! :p
Work has picked up pace a little and I’ve been busy. And when I get home, I want to do nothing more than stare at my puppy, so that does not help with the writing. Oops?
I have been reading a bit though, on the commute and in my breaks when I’m alone. I’m on Wyrd Sisters by Pratchett right now and it is actually not inaccurate to say that every spare moment in my life is occupied by a Terry. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I so badly want to hug Terry Pratchett when I read some of his lines. I wish he could have lived and written another 10 books at least. 🙁 Well, I do still have a lot of the Discworld series to get through so I’m REALLY excited about that. I really discovered him too late but I’m happy that I have so much of him left to get to know because of my ignorance. :p
I leave you with the opening lines of the book which just sucked me in and male me want to never put it down. (Though I do have to put it down because adulthood. :|)

The wind howled. The lightning stabbed at the earth erratically like an inefficient assassin.

Read this book, people. And read Pratchett in general. It brings happiness and good health.

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