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Currently Reading

Hello one, hello all. I’ve been reading really slowly lately, especially since I left my job. I’ve been playing with Terry and also watching a lot of bad TV.
I was reading Our Moon has Blood Clots by Rahul Pandita, which is beautiful, and I’m still reading it.
But I went shopping on Sunday and I bought another bunch of books that I was dying to get started with. (Expect book haul post by end of week)
I picked up one book on a whim and I decided to start reading it first. I read about 40 pages and I must say, it’s insanely engaging. I really want to dig in and keep reading which has not happened in a few months, to be honest. My speed had changed joyous and maniacal to slow and steady. (And sometimes just slow.)
Let’s see if this book brings me back into reading like I used to at least until I start working again.
Errr I almost forgot. The book I’m reading is A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.
Loving it!
Excuse the hastily typed out post. I was super excited and eager to tell everyone about the book.
Will write again real soon. Getting back to reading.

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