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I read my first Sarah Waters book earlier this year, her newest one, The Paying Guests, and I really enjoyed it, even though parts of it were quite melodramatic.
I then read Night Watch last month and I enjoyed it a lot more. I loved it, in fact.
A lot of people said that Paying Guests was not her best work, and I’m beginning to understand what they meant by that.
Anyway, I was taken enough with her work that I bought two more of her books in one of my many shopping trips.
I’m reading The Little Stranger now, which is her only book that doesn’t deal with lesbianism or other queer themes. In fact, it seems to be a ghost story.
I’ve read about a 100 pages of it so far, and it’s genuinely devastating. I’m more devastated than most because it involves a dog that’s gotten into trouble. I can’t say more, because spoilers, but it strikes me with each page exactly how prolific a writer Sarah Waters really is. I’m really glad I started reading her. She’s fast becoming a favourite and a must-buy author.
I have sense enough not to read it at night, but it’s rainy in Bangalore right now, and I feel as though I might actually be in gloomy, desolate post-war England.
I’m very glad my dog is in another room right now or I may have begun to sob. I identify very much with the plain girl, Caroline, who’s devoted to her dog, I must say.
Well, that’s all for now.
Stalk me, go on. Cheer a frightened girl up.
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