Are any of you nanowrimo-ing? Read this super helpful peptalk to help you get going! 😀
(Or get started. But if you’re starting today, I’m a tad worried about your chances. Not being mean. You may be awesome. I’m plodding along at a tragically human pace though, and I assume that the majority of you is doing the same.)
I’m a day behind because I couldn’t write yesterday because of a migraine of all the clichés.
God, if I were reading a book with a protagonist who couldn’t write a novel because of a migraine, I’d throw it out.
My life, however, is not a novel. </3

Wrimo India

Dear Na-No-Wri-Movers & Shakers,

If things have gone according to plan, you are all in front of your keyboards or touch-screen devices searching for that elusive first word of your high-speed novel.

Or, in front of typewriters or blank paper with fountain pen in hand, if you’re old fashioned.

Or, staring at the blank wall of your cave with a sharpened stone in your hands, if you’ve been transported to the Palaeolithic age via a time-machine made by S S Rajamouli’s art department.

Either way, you have 50,000 words to go and 30 days to do it.

That makes it 1666.66 words per day. That’s silly, isn’t it? What’s .66 of a word? Seriously.

I would’ve made it 25 days. A round 2,000 words per day. I tell you.

Be that as it may, here are a bunch of tips that’ll get you zooming through this like a jackrabbit on…

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