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Life Updates

Hey guys.

You always know that when I post one of these, I haven’t written much else in a while and it is for a not so great reason. Gah, just once I’d like to post a life update because I eloped using the money I got for a book advance and decided not to use the internet on my two week vacation in Turkey. Sadly, it is not to be. So brace yourself.

I’m able to write today after a bit of a blog writing block because I feel like my life is finally coming together in the last month of the year. And also because I’m making myself write before I fall off the wagon completely. 😛

November was not a good month. I had a lot of crap going on in my life. I don’t want to get into it. It suffices to say that I felt sad. (Wow, I’m such a good and descriptive writer.) Miserable. Terrified.

I ended out skipping out on NaNoWriMo after the 10th or so day. Everybody told me not to give up, but I was too sorry for myself and in ultra-sulk mode to listen. I feel like a fool  now. I have not given up on my story though. Certainly emphatically not. In a future post, I’ll explain what it’s about.

I read a lot though; 9 books.The good news ends there. I only reviewed one. I feel really guilty about that because because there were a couple of books in there by Indian authors that I adored. I want more people to read them. I’ll try to review them soon.

This month, I’ve started a new job. I am going to try and figure things out, and then I’ll be able to start writing more again once I fall into a routine. Not just on my blog, but in life also. Expect well-meaning resolutions about the same at the start of the new year. This is the year I’ll listen most likely, because I’m having a quarter-life crisis about my writing, and I’m kind of desperately determined to make it work instead of allowing adulthood take over my life.

The most important update is the book I’m reading right now:White Teeth by Zadie Smith. 🙂 It’s hilarious and I hug it sometimes before I put it away after my lunch break.

I’ll be back to regular posting soon. I’ll even decide on a schedule since my life is more or less structured now.

What has been up with you guys? What are you reading? How do you keep writing even when you just want to sleep and watch bad TV? Because that’s what I did. TV and naps. And crying. And a lot more bad TV. Tips from people who deal with lives more maturely  than me are appreciated. 😀 COMMENTS AND MOAR COMMENTS PLEASE. 😀

Here are my social media links. I’ve been especially active on Instagram, especially with posting pictures of the apple of my eye, Terry. <3 If you’re a dog-lover or a book-lover, my Instagram is a great destination. ^_^

Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishphotographer



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