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Why I Love Terry Pratchett

Yes, I finished reading another one of Terry Pratchett’s books recently, his first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic. Just some info in case any of you is new to the Discworld: Most of his Discworld books can be read in any order since they’re all set in the Discworld universe but deal with different sets of people. Some of the books are little mini – series, though.

When Terry Pratchett died last year, I was actually kind of glad that I got on the Terry-Pratchett-reading train so late because it meant that I still have so many of his books left to read and that thought makes me so happy.  It is tempting to read all of his books at once but I do have an accusing (and ever-growing) pile of other unread books staring at me that I just can’t deny. Besides, I don’t want to run out of Terry Pratchett books too early because I’m painfully aware of the fact that I live in a world where Terry Pratchett isn’t producing new content any more and if I finish all the books he’s written,  there will be no more…

After I finished reading the Colour of Magic, and after I predictably loved it, I decided to be more original than posting another rave review and analyse what it is about his books that make them so appealing and bloody hilarious.

I thought about it for a few days, and I finally figured it out. Terry Pratchett does not have heroes. Terry Pratchett does not even have anti-heroes. Terry Pratchett does not have angsty brooding “bad” boys and girls. Not one. All of Terry Pratchett’s characters are weird and flawed and not very self-aware. Like real people. And no, they don’t have lovable little quirks. They have quirks. Annoying ones.  And yet… and this is is the magical part, and yet, I want to squeal and hug the crap out of most of them. I can already see a lot of his characters grimacing and wincing but I tell myself that they secretly like to be hugged.

Besides, his storyline is humorous and original, there’s magic flying about all over the place, and there’s a colossal turtle. What’s not to love? He makes a gentle, good-natured jest out of everything. Nobody and nothing is spared. It’s how I want to live my life, you guys. I want to be happy and I want not to take anything too seriously. If anything, that’s what you learn from these books, guys. You learn to chill. And there’s no better way to chill than to read one of his books. Which is… convenient as hell, when you think about it.

Well, there you go; my two cents about why I love Terry Pratchett so much, why I named one of the most important persons in my life, my dog, after him, and why I sometimes miss him even though I never actually knew him. If you haven’t read him, read him. Trust me. Eat healthy, wear sunscreen and read Terry Pratchett. These are the three pieces of advice I would give everybody. And I often forget the first two myself, being the hypocrite that I am, but I will never, ever forget the third.

Have you guys ever read any Pratchett? What do you think of his books? Which is your favourite book by him? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Why I Love Terry Pratchett

  1. Yay, another Pratchett fan! You’ve got a lot of joy ahead of you! Have you read the Witches novels yet? They’re amongst my favourites.

    1. I’ve read Equal Rites, which features Granny Weatherwax and I’ve read Wyrd Sisters. I adored both books. At some point, there were tears in my eyes from laughing.
      In fact, Granny Weatherwax is one of those characters that I want to hug. XD

  2. “Trust me. Eat healthy, wear sunscreen and read Terry Pratchett.” Haha, best advice ever. I was just devastated when he passed away last year. After you’ve worked your way through his Discworld books, I highly recommend one of his last collections of short stories, “A Slip of the Keyboard”, which is all nonfiction and includes quite a bit on the subject of his Alzheimer’s diagnoses. And the book he wrote with Neil Gaiman, “Good Omens” if you haven’t read that one yet!

    1. I love Good Omens. It’s the first book written by either of them that I read. I do want to read Ä Slip of the Keyboard” though. Thank you for the recommendation.
      I was devastated as well when he passed away. I named my new puppy “Terry” after him, trusting that he’s cool enough to know that that’s a huge compliment and mark of respect.

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