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Two Careers?!

Hello Everyone!

Long hiatus I took there. Did any of you miss me? Do you of you still remember me?! Juuuust checking!

Anyway, my unplanned hiatus is part of what I want to talk to you about.

I love my new job. My boss seems to like my work, and I’m getting a lot of responsibility, and as someone who thrives under pressure, I couldn’t be happier. I’m like an old, seasoned member of the workforce already. I groan as I leave the house each morning, I count down the minutes to weekends, I love holidays, but I wouldn’t stop working if you paid me to do it. I sometimes think about work when I’m not at work(Which is a revelatory experience after my previous job where I would go out of the way to avoid thinking about work the minute I stepped into the parking lot of the office premises)  I carry a lot of work home too. I fall asleep insanely early each night. But I’m happy.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, I have no time to write. Some days, I have no time to think about what I even WANT to write. So I didn’t write. I did write in my journal semi-regularly about things that are on my mind but I didn’t blog. I couldn’t blog. I’ve been reading Cloud Atlas since the end of January and I still have a hundred pages left to read!

I frequently feel wistful that this aspect of my life is just falling by the wayside. I know that I want to keep reading, blogging, finish my novel, write several other novels perhaps, but I don’t want to give up on my legal career to do it.

So that brings me to the question that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now: In the way society functions for adults right now, is it even possible to be interested in two things? Is it possible to love two diverse career paths, one artistic, one not as artistic, and still do both without dying of exhaustion and sleep-deprivation?

I know of authors who worked day jobs and wrote at the same time, but those were usually very “9 to 5”, in a manner of speaking. Do you guys know of anybody who’s written and had a career? Is it even possible? Am I just not organised enough? Do writing prompts help? Should I follow one dream to the exclusion of all others? Will I fail at both jobs at this rate? What do you guys think?

One thing I want to attempt doing is setting aside a fixed time in the morning to write. But I feel so fried mentally that it’s somewhat impossible to think creatively. Give me tips, guys.

All this aside, let’s get back to the broader question at hand: We may not have strict professional guilds anymore but are our schedules alone working to ensure that one never pursues more than one passion as an adult? (Even if that passion is just making money) Can we be artists, musicians, writers without hungry eyes and a bleeding heart? Is every person who doesn’t work 60 hours a week (At either profession) doomed to fail? Is that healthy?

What do you think, everyone? Let me know in the comments! Just thinking aloud here, and you’re welcome to do the same, even if you think I’m wrong.


6 thoughts on “Two Careers?!

  1. This is tough. I definitely agree that you can have two passions. I love writing and blogging, but I also love teaching. In addition to blogging and writing (on the side, I haven’t made it a career yet), I work full-time as a special ed. teacher, I’m a teacher and the director of my church’s Sunday school, and I babysit for two different families weekly. My plate is full.
    If I had a choice between the two, I would choose to blog and write all day and have that be my full-time job. Yet, if I stopped teaching, I think I would really miss it.
    Maybe you just need a little more time to explore your options. Try to come up with a new routine where you can squeeze a bit of writing and blogging time here and there. I get up an extra two hours before work to write, read, or blog. On days when I’m not utterly exhausted after work and babysitting, I’ll try to write some more.
    I hope this helps. Sorry for the long comment, lol. Good luck!

    1. Thank you for the comment!
      This is good advice, and it’s always good to know I’m not alone.

  2. I am in a similar boat as you ! I will update about my life soon in a blog.

    Yes, your blogs were good, with the limited number of blogs I follow I get remember everyone 😛 So yeah, I remember your blog.

    1. Thanks a lot! 🙂
      Tag me when you post because I don’t come online often.

  3. YOU’RE NOT ORGANISED ENOUGH. No, seriously, I know because I relate to almost everything you said up there about writing versus real life. Here’s what’s working for me:

    (1) Set an alarm. Make it a point to give yourself non-office-related time (I keep 7-8 a.m. on weekends, but it depends on what works best for you). Use that time to write.

    (2) Keep a notebook handy. Outline ideas when you’re bored. (I use my phone because paper? pens? please).

    (3) Aim for smart goals. Don’t shoot for the novel just yet. Look at novellas or short stories. NaNoWriMo is a good goal too, and you can apply that logic + commitment to any month, not just November. (For right now, I have a list of magazines soliciting short stories, and what the deadlines are. I have three coming up at the end of July, and I’m halfway there).

    (4) Write everywhere and all the time. Even five minute snatches will do. If you’re comfortable writing on le mobile, install Google Docs and use it well.

    (5) OPTIONAL AND TOTALLY SHITTY LIFE ADVICE: write fanfiction. This is a shortcut because the characters are all ready and fleshed-out, but it gives you a reason to write. (For example, I sign up for fanfic challenges all the time, particular gift exchanges and challenges where you collaborate with an artist. Makes it more difficult to drop the project and wander away.).

    (6) Find an idea AND STICK TO IT. This is NaNoWriMo advice from Meg Cabot years back, but she said that the hardest part about a story is that you hit a roadblock and while you’re attempting to figure that out, a brand new shiny plot idea WITH NO OBSTACLES WHATSOEVER pops into your head, enticing you to chase after it instead. Don’t do it, heaux. It’s a trap. A vicious cycle.

    Good luck and beat the curse, yo! ♥

    (Also v. v. glad the career change is suiting you like a dream.)

    1. This is excellent advice. 😀 thank you so much. I needed to hear all of this and get off my butt and just get some work done.

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