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Death and Resurrection (Maybe)

So many of my favourite blogs have died out. There are still blogs that I visit, filled with hope, even though there hasn’t been any activity on there in years.

I have had several blog handles of my own wdie out because of my inaction. Some, I have killed myself with a vengeance. Ugh, teenage. -shudder-

I swore that wouldn’t happen with this blog. This blog is my baby and I’ve actually written on here for longer than any of my previous ones combined. I even bought the domain in the hopes that the action of spending money will motivate me to keep at it. And yet, and yet, the inevitable seems to have happened. Death. Dormancy. And before I even had the chance of becoming one of those bloggers that readers root for.

Life happened. Life shat all over my poor happy place.

I won’t apologise for being useless, because the only person losing out is me.

Here’s to a better future for my blog and my writing in general.




4 thoughts on “Death and Resurrection (Maybe)

  1. Aww, I really hope this one comes back like a Phoenix. ☺

    1. I hope so too. 😀 Thank you for rooting for it.

  2. I’m currently on the lookout for blogs to subscribe to and to form a penmanship between them. So many good bloggers have ceased to write and moved on to Instagram or Twitter.

    1. I completely feel your pain

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