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Starting New Projects While Old Ones Die. Of Loneliness and Heartbreak

Ah, don’t t you just love it when blog titles promise cheery content?


A friend of mine and I have started recording vlogs and sending them to each other. (Private ones that aren’t really on the interwebz so don’t look.) I have always wanted a vlog but have been shy and also terrified of its implications for my job, etc. so this is kind of a great compromise. I’m so excited for it! Maybe once we start to suck less (Okay. I don’t know if she sucks; I definitely suck. She’ll send me her first vlog tomorrow. But I definitely do suck. ) and think of a good name for our vlog,  we’ll even go public!

However (There always is a however, isn’t there?) I feel a bit like I’m cheating on my blog with a vlog. Is this normal? Things that are talked about cannot necessarily be blogged about because just the act of speaking and motioning makes the topic at hand more interesting than if it were blogged about. So vlogging (in the sense of just recording and poorly-editing/not-at-all-editing a video) is easier than blogging.

Plus, once I start my new job, I’ll have limited free time, so if I have time for just one, which should I choose? I am of course accountable to my friend so I’d choose the vlog. Will my poor long-suffering blog then die out completely? How do I do this sensibly, guys? Any thoughts? I want to do both things.

On that note, I have a new job! I start on July 3rd. Stay tuned to hear about the scary misadventures of small Sindhu in large, scary law firm job!

It’s weird; I am making very few blogposts these days, and of those, a lot more of them are think-y random thought posts and very few are about books. ☹ I’m actually reading very few books and the books I read haven’t felt blog-worthy somehow. That doesn’t mean they’re bad books or anything, just that I don’t have any thing to say about them that would contribute to the discussion on them.

I don’t know why I feel like I owe an explanation about this because of all my friends, exactly one friend actually reads my blog and *he* said he likes the think-y life type posts more because he doesn’t read. As for my other followers, I don’t really know what you like, so may be let me know in the comments?

Should I diversify my blog and talk about all manner of rubbish? I feel like I could blog a lot more often then. It’s something to think about. What do you guys think?

Please comment. I really like comments.





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Currently Reading

I’m speeding through books these days, depending on them in a way I don’t dare depend on any person, at a time when life seems so uncertain. 

I’m currently reading The Architect’s Apprentice by Elif Shafak. This is the third book of hers that I’m reading. The more I read her, the more I understand the meaning of the word “wordsmith”. Every other sentence of hers is moving and poetic, and yet, the language she uses is simple and straightforward. I can’t abide by flowery and convoluted sentences even for the sake of beauty, and I’m happy to forsake beautiful prose for beautiful narrative and beautiful ideas. Elif Shafak us one of those authors who gives her readers both things.

This book is supposed to be her best one so I’ll let you know what I think of it. Regardless, it brightened up a weird trip to the civil court of Doddaballapur and for that, I’ll always love this book.

Have you guys read this book? Have you read anything else by Elif Shafak? I feel like there’s always a strange charm in books set in Istanbul. I want to visit  one day. Have any of you guys been there? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.



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Two Careers?!

Hello Everyone!

Long hiatus I took there. Did any of you miss me? Do you of you still remember me?! Juuuust checking!

Anyway, my unplanned hiatus is part of what I want to talk to you about.

I love my new job. My boss seems to like my work, and I’m getting a lot of responsibility, and as someone who thrives under pressure, I couldn’t be happier. I’m like an old, seasoned member of the workforce already. I groan as I leave the house each morning, I count down the minutes to weekends, I love holidays, but I wouldn’t stop working if you paid me to do it. I sometimes think about work when I’m not at work(Which is a revelatory experience after my previous job where I would go out of the way to avoid thinking about work the minute I stepped into the parking lot of the office premises)  I carry a lot of work home too. I fall asleep insanely early each night. But I’m happy.

So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, I have no time to write. Some days, I have no time to think about what I even WANT to write. So I didn’t write. I did write in my journal semi-regularly about things that are on my mind but I didn’t blog. I couldn’t blog. I’ve been reading Cloud Atlas since the end of January and I still have a hundred pages left to read!

I frequently feel wistful that this aspect of my life is just falling by the wayside. I know that I want to keep reading, blogging, finish my novel, write several other novels perhaps, but I don’t want to give up on my legal career to do it.

So that brings me to the question that’s been on my mind for a few weeks now: In the way society functions for adults right now, is it even possible to be interested in two things? Is it possible to love two diverse career paths, one artistic, one not as artistic, and still do both without dying of exhaustion and sleep-deprivation?

I know of authors who worked day jobs and wrote at the same time, but those were usually very “9 to 5”, in a manner of speaking. Do you guys know of anybody who’s written and had a career? Is it even possible? Am I just not organised enough? Do writing prompts help? Should I follow one dream to the exclusion of all others? Will I fail at both jobs at this rate? What do you guys think?

One thing I want to attempt doing is setting aside a fixed time in the morning to write. But I feel so fried mentally that it’s somewhat impossible to think creatively. Give me tips, guys.

All this aside, let’s get back to the broader question at hand: We may not have strict professional guilds anymore but are our schedules alone working to ensure that one never pursues more than one passion as an adult? (Even if that passion is just making money) Can we be artists, musicians, writers without hungry eyes and a bleeding heart? Is every person who doesn’t work 60 hours a week (At either profession) doomed to fail? Is that healthy?

What do you think, everyone? Let me know in the comments! Just thinking aloud here, and you’re welcome to do the same, even if you think I’m wrong.


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Posting Schedule

I’m proud to report that things are falling into place at work, and so it’s time to get this blog back into shape. To that end, I’ve decided that I’m going to post twice a week.

I will post once on Monday and once on either Thursday or Friday, depending on how busy the week is. I read a lot in November, so I have a lot of book reviews to write. There’s also going to be a lot of other content. So yes! Yay!

Erm. That’s all for today. xD

Here are my social media links:

Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishphotographer



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Currently Reading and Other Such Things!

Hey guys!

I’m giving Writing down the Bones a little break because she says to practise what she says to write during the process of reading, which I’m slowly but surely trying to get into the habit of doing. I’m a very lazy writer, because writing makes me think and I’m not always ready to think. It’s easier to watch Monk reruns on TV and gaze lovingly at my puppy.
He gazes lovingly back so it’s ok.

I’m trying to get back into a regular journal habit, instead of only writing when I’m bursting to.

In the meantime, I didn’t read anything else for a little over a week because Half of a Yellow Sun by Adichie really burnt me and I needed time to recover. It’s set in the 1960’s in Nigeria, during the Nigerian Civil War between the Igbos and the Yorubas. I may post a review of it when it hurts less to do so, but believe me, it’s beautiful. I loved Americanah a little more, honestly, but I think that’s just because I’m a lot like the protagonist of Americanah. I loved and cared about all the characters of Half of a Yellow Sun but I didn’t personally identify with any of them. Americanah has a very special place in my life as the first adult book with a character I see myself in. It’s important to me. Half of a Yellow Sun has a lot of difficult, poignant moments and it should not be read in one sitting. As with all books set during a war, it has more sad moments than happy, but it had a somewhat uplifting ending nonetheless. People who know me would understand why I, of all people, would finding the ending of this book uplifting, but I don’t want to give anything away.

Anyway, I’m currently reading The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood. I’m unsure exactly what this book is about, so far. I gather it’s about three women whose friendship is based entirely on their hatred of a women named Zenia, thought dead, until she returns to their lives. I only began it yesterday, and I was out nearly all day, and I returned and gave Herr Terry (Geddit? Because he’s a German shepherd) some much deserved love, so I haven’t gotten very far. However, the writing is so arresting, that I just want to keep reading with no clue about where the story is going. I feel like if the writing is good enough, reading about someone’s morning routine is not only fascinating, but also extremely insightful. That’s literally what I read yesterday, a woman Tony’s morning routine, and I am hooked. Now, that’s talent. J

I start work next week, guys. So soon! Rffdkbfdivmfv! I’m very nervous. Wish me luck. And keep me motivated so that I keep blogging, on my phone on the move, if nothing else. My friend thanked the heavens for the presence of my puppy because he’ll ensure that I come home, and not become too much of a workaholic, because I have a tiny bit of a tendency to go down that road. 😛 Wish me luck so that I work hard but keep reading and writing ! 🙂



Talk to me in all these new and fascinating places also because I’m so interesting! 😛

Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishreader

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January Wrap-up

I read a fair bit more in January than I had expected, what with interviews and being sick and having a ton of extra classes. I turned to books for comfort. 🙂 I read a decent mix of light hearted books and literary fiction.

These are the books I read:

1. The Secret History by Donna Tartt – This book for a disappointment because everyone built it up so much and I found it dull, pretentious and predictable, especially the second half. Interestingly, I found it improbable at the same time. How an author managed to be predictable and improbable at the same time is beyond me, but it happened. Anyway, here is the full review I wrote of it. I felt really blah that it was the first book I read in the year, by the way, because I thought it was a bad omen and showed the trend the rest of the year would take. I’m not often superstitious but apparently reading brings out this side of me.

2. Chocolat by Joanne Harris – This was a charming, pleasant little book and it was the perfect, quick read to cheer me up. I read it in a few hours. I heard there are sequels but I am not risking reading them because I know they won’t be as good. (Speaking of which, Ready Player One, which I worship, is getting a sequel and I am actually sick with fear.) I will read other books by Joanne Harris though, by and by. I reviewed Chocolat as well and you can find the review here.

3. On Beauty by Zadie Smith – I loved this book so much. I read most of it on the plane and I basically inhaled it. No jokes. I didn’t even clean my room after getting back to college (after a month and a half!) and I didn’t bother unpacking or anything. I just kept on reading until I finished the book.I ate while reading and I actually left a small food stain on one of the pages which left me miserable but not miserable enough to actually put the book down for long enough to finish eating, apparently. I was exhausted because I’d woken up at 5 am for my flight but I could not sleep until I was done. I loved the vivid characterisation, and I loved the plot. Everything, basically. Zadie Smith is a genius only! I have a new love for the whole genre/writing tool of hysterical realism now and I can’t wait to read more of it. Here’s the full review I wrote of it.

4. The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan – This is the book that won the Booker Prize this year, and I had wanted to read it for ages because I love historical fiction. This was a deeply disturbing work, owing to its subject-matter, the lives of Prisoners of War in Burma during the Second World War. The main character is deeply flawed and psychologically disturbed and it made for frightening reading. I read it for almost a week because i had to keep putting it down. I had nightmares after reading this book.I’m prone to very vivid nightmares as such, for which I am grateful because I feel like each one of them will give me material for books, but these were just too bleak. However, it’s a sensitive, honest and moving portrayal of the experience of being a POW and the lasting impact it has on one’s life. It’s a book worth reading for sure.I will post a more detailed review of it once I am able to articulate the depth of emotion I felt while reading this book.

5. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke – This is a fantasy novel set in the 1800’s about two magicians who set out to revive magic in England. I love this book so much. It is easily on my list of rereadable all time favourites. It’s a gigantic book, coming in at a little over a 1000 pages and i flew through it in less than 3 days because it’s everything a delicious, meaty novel needs to be. It has adventure, intrigue, humour, romance, and it’s all woven together seamlessly. It had moments where I put the book down and gasped. The ending was perfect.and devastating. The book never seemed to drag on or get boring even though it’s so long. I adore it. It’s one of those books that made me glad for deciding to read fantasy novels again. There will be a full review up soon.

6. 10 Things I Love about You by Julia Quinn – This isn’t the type of book I read a LOT of, but I do occasionally enjoy picking up a fluffy romance novel and enjoying the warm fuzzies I get from it, especially when I’m feeling lonely or if I’ve fought with someone. I didn’t adore this book, and the writing was corny and childish in parts, but I really enjoyed reading it overall. I really loved the male protagonist, Sebastian because he’s a writer, so there was that. 😀 I don’t think I will review this one simply because there isn’t a lot to be said about it. It was sweet enough. I gave it three stars. 🙂 It was a good end to the month.

I haven’t decided which books to read it February. I haven’t even started any books yet this month because I haven’t been in the mood much. I am leaning towards The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. I’ll keep you folks updated. 😀 January was overall an amazing month, and not just for reading.

I got a job! Yessss! It’s in the field that I want, it’s in the city that I want, and I’m suddenly a lot less nervous to leave college and a lot more excited to start work. So things are pretty great right now. 😀

I thought a lot about whether to say this on my blog, but I figured people would wonder why my writing suddenly has a lot more “wonderful”s and whatnot in it and think I hit my head or something. (Because my three readers spend all of their spare time thinking about me, boviously.) God forbid that should happen!

I will stop being lazy about reviewing and keep up my promise. Really. Just you wait.



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My Reading Resolutions| THE 2015 EDITION!!!

A week before this year ends, I have decided what my book goals are going to be. They aren’t very ambitious objectively but they are when one considers everything else that’ll be going on next year. I’ll graduate. I’ll start working. I’ll move back to my hometown. I’ll be friendless… not really, but my college friends have become more like siblings since we’ve lived together for HALF A DECADE and they’ll all be in different cities and aghhhhhhhhhh… Let’s change the topic before I have a meltdown and short-circuit my keyboard, shall we?

-drum roll-


  1. I will be reading 30 books in 2015. It is less than a third of what I read in 2014 but I will be starting a job in the middle of the year, and I have only about 3 months to spend with my friends so I want to read less this year. If I finish reading 30 books fairly early, I’ll increase the challenge or 40 0r 50. Like in 2014, my original goal was 50 books but I finished that in May, so I kept increasing it. I stopped at 90, which I have now completed. (And exceeded) I don’t want to disappoint myself by setting the bar too high when I know I’ll have a busy year full of changes so I’ll start with 30.
  2. I will maintain the Book Riot detailed reading spreadsheet so that I remember to read diversely.
  3. I will read at least one Shakespeare play from cover to cover. Mostly Macbeth. May be more.
  4. I will read at least 5 non-fiction books
  5. I will read at least one new Classic.
  6. I will read at least one more of the Song of Ice and Fire books.
  7. I will read at least one graphic book.
  8. I will read at least 5 books by people of colour. (This includes Indians/South Asians. Yes it does.)
  9. I will read at least 10 books by women. This ought to be 15 actually. I’ll aim for 15, but try at least 10.
  10. I will make a TBR list (Maybe a TBR jar) and read at least 6 books from on there.
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Plans for next week

I’ve decided to post a bunch of things today and schedule them to appear through the week. Some of it is stuff from my old blog which I’m moving to this one because I still like the posts. It’s so that you guys don’t have to miss me anymore. So sweet no? 😛

I hope you like the posts. Still like and comment if you do because I will have my phone with me and I will see.



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Eff My Life | Tales of Unmotivation and Blahness

I don’t know how many people had expectations of seeing posts up on my blog but I had expectations for myself to post everyday. And I totally failed. I just felt like everything was falling apart and I couldn’t find it it myself to write. I started posts but what I wanted to do was cry and complain and wouldn’t make for very good reading.

I did read 4 books though because reading is something that really comforts me so I’m happy about that. I’ve read 86 books this year. 🙂

But my exams ended today. (Loud cheering) They went okay. They weren’t the best though. I was sick for all of the exams and now I have a STYE in my EYE. Yeowch! It is apparently stress-induced. Yes, because it totally makes sense to take a stressed out person and have their eye swell up painfully and have it burn with strain. It made studying a real party, I’ll tell you that. It’s burning as I type this as well. Just fyi.  Scumbag body much? Right?

Anyway, blogging scenes won’t happen the rest of the week also because I’m going to Shillong and I’m not taking my laptop. I am taking my journal, though, and my camera. So I’ll write about Shillong once I get back. I hope that makes up for my pathetic slack. Poo. 🙁



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30 Day Book Challenge | A Book I wanted to Read for a Long Time but Still Haven’t. ALSO: CAT!

Shit! It turned out in my sleep-deprived state, I skipped one day’s question entirely. That question was: A book you’ve wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t. Oh my god, I am making such a hash out of this, aren’t I? it was a terrible idea to start this during exams, but also a GOOD idea because I wouldn’t have blogged at all otherwise and my blog would have died. And that sucks

In other news, we’ve adopted a tiny stray cat in our hostel. She is filled with cuteness and I’m keeping her in my room for now and she’s being hyper-active, super-adorable and super-distracting for her. If I show you a picture of her, will you stop being mad at me for being a prat about the daily challenge? Please? :3 Here you go:


She’s TINY as you can see and is the cutest thing ever.

Also, you peeps are going to see a bunch more book reviews now that my schedule isn’t so hectic any more so stay tuned for that. 😀

There are a lot of classics that I have wanted to read for ages but haven’t yet, but those are boring to talk about, aren’t they?

A book I have been dying to read for ages, because the premise sounds so beautiful is Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. It’s also a banned book and I have this compulsive need to read banned books to discover WHY they’ve been banned. Also, I’ve found that they’re almost always beautiful and/or brilliant. Coincidence?

Anyway, this book is about a doctor and poet who falls in love with a nurse during the Russian revolution. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Yet, I always find myself putting this book down. This happens to me with all Russian literature. I think it’s because the structure of Russian books is so different the other books I read. They have a lot of secondary characters with backstories for all of them and it’s just bewildering to take in at a stretch. And at a stretch is how I best read my books. I’ll try reading it slowly, maybe take it on a trip or something and see how it works out. 🙂

That’s all for today, guys.