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Why I Love Terry Pratchett

Yes, I finished reading another one of Terry Pratchett’s books recently, his first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic. Just some info in case any of you is new to the Discworld: Most of his Discworld books can be read in any order since they’re all set in the Discworld universe but deal with different sets of people. Some of the books are little mini – series, though.

When Terry Pratchett died last year, I was actually kind of glad that I got on the Terry-Pratchett-reading train so late because it meant that I still have so many of his books left to read and that thought makes me so happy.  It is tempting to read all of his books at once but I do have an accusing (and ever-growing) pile of other unread books staring at me that I just can’t deny. Besides, I don’t want to run out of Terry Pratchett books too early because I’m painfully aware of the fact that I live in a world where Terry Pratchett isn’t producing new content any more and if I finish all the books he’s written,  there will be no more…

After I finished reading the Colour of Magic, and after I predictably loved it, I decided to be more original than posting another rave review and analyse what it is about his books that make them so appealing and bloody hilarious.

I thought about it for a few days, and I finally figured it out. Terry Pratchett does not have heroes. Terry Pratchett does not even have anti-heroes. Terry Pratchett does not have angsty brooding “bad” boys and girls. Not one. All of Terry Pratchett’s characters are weird and flawed and not very self-aware. Like real people. And no, they don’t have lovable little quirks. They have quirks. Annoying ones.  And yet… and this is is the magical part, and yet, I want to squeal and hug the crap out of most of them. I can already see a lot of his characters grimacing and wincing but I tell myself that they secretly like to be hugged.

Besides, his storyline is humorous and original, there’s magic flying about all over the place, and there’s a colossal turtle. What’s not to love? He makes a gentle, good-natured jest out of everything. Nobody and nothing is spared. It’s how I want to live my life, you guys. I want to be happy and I want not to take anything too seriously. If anything, that’s what you learn from these books, guys. You learn to chill. And there’s no better way to chill than to read one of his books. Which is… convenient as hell, when you think about it.

Well, there you go; my two cents about why I love Terry Pratchett so much, why I named one of the most important persons in my life, my dog, after him, and why I sometimes miss him even though I never actually knew him. If you haven’t read him, read him. Trust me. Eat healthy, wear sunscreen and read Terry Pratchett. These are the three pieces of advice I would give everybody. And I often forget the first two myself, being the hypocrite that I am, but I will never, ever forget the third.

Have you guys ever read any Pratchett? What do you think of his books? Which is your favourite book by him? Let me know in the comments!

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Rereading my Favourite Book

If any of you follow my Instagram, you may know this already: I have a new copy of Bird by Bird, which is possibly my favourite book.

I took it out to reread a few weeks ago, and my puppy just destroyed it. He’s damaged my books before, and I’ve forgiven him because… Well, because of his face, okay? This one got me pissed off for a while though. But I finally let it go because he sat outside my bedroom door and refused to move until I spoke to him. True story.

My dad said he’s just like me and he likes to ruminate on interesting books. Dad jokes. Sigh.


Well, since it is Bird by Bird, and not a different book, I simply had to buy a new copy. It came a couple of days yesterday with a hilariously appropriate doggy bookmark. AMAZON KNOWS EVERYTHING. 😮


Since the book happily is non-fiction, which is the theme of the month, I’ve decided to take a couple of days to reread it. It’s particularly appropriate because I’m attempting NaNoWriMo at the end of this month and I have a vague story idea that I’ve debated like a crazy person with my best friend, but I’m majorly pantsing it. And pantsing is how Anne Lamott rolls. I love her so much.

You know, I haven’t read anything else that she’s written. Should I? Advise in comments.

This isn’t the only book I’m reading right now, but I’m just very excited to reread it and I wanted to tell you guys. I won’t be reviewing it or anything like that, though. I’ve just written this post to tell you guys to read this book for sure if you’re writers, especially if you’re doing NaNoWriMo. It’s like an adorable crash course in writing, and believing in your writing.

I have already read one book this month and scheduled a review for it, so you can look forward to that!

If you are doing NaNoWriMo, tell me and maybe we can be writing buddies? What are your favourite books about writing? Have you read anything by Anne Lamott? Let me know in the comments. 

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That’s all for today.


Sin 🙂

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Personal Announcements and Book Review| Go Set a Watchman (SPOILERS)

I know i haven’t posted in a while. I’ve just been doing a bit of thinking and I haven’t been able to write without getting those thoughts out the way. I’d like to announce that, as of this month.I’m a stay-at-home puppy-mom. I have to tell you, Terry is thrilled about it.


I’m figuring things out and I’ll resume working in a month or two. Until then, I will try to make a start on a novel that has been swirling around in my head for a long while. Let’s see if I’m actually brave enough to go through with it this time. I’m considering buying Scrivener. Do you guys think it’s a worthwhile investment? Let me know.

Okay, time for my review of Go Set a Watchman. #owlishreadsGSAW

Everyone knows this by now

To Kill a Mockingbird was a beautiful testimony to idealism and equality. That version of Atitcus inspired thousands of starry-eyed youngsters to become lawyers. That version of Atticus got me through law school. Now that I’ve graduated and gotten through to the “real world” the Atticus teaches me an even more valuable lesson: Grow the fuck up.

GSAW isn’t as well-written as TKAM for sure, but it evoked a lot of emotions.I felt my heart break when I saw that version of Atticus, but it mostly broke for Scout. Speaking of Scout, she’s badass and fabulous and I kind of love her. I did feel my heart sinking when I heard some of the things Atticus was saying, because I hear the same things said by otherwise well-intentioned, respectablle men and women in India till today. It always makes my stomach churn when people say things about one race or class or religion or caste of people being inherently inferior to the other. There’s no way to conclusively prove them wrong except to shake them hard and say “Come on. It’s irrational.”. It moves me to tears of frustration. Yes, Atticus thinks that Black people deserve sympathy but they can’t be given equal rights because they aren’t capable of shouldering equal responsibility. Scout says that Atticus likes justice to be neat and tidy on paper but he never cares about the people. I get that. A lot of people like that actually look down on those social-workers that do field work or that care about people on a micro-scale. The thing, policy changes are essential to alter living conditions but they are also time-consuming and without a grassroots approach, short-term problems -urgent problems- may never get addressed, and the policy changes may not even take if people aren’t sensitised.

Wow. That was a fairly intense tangent.

GSAW is a very tender portrait of a family and of a love story, because even though Atticus has his set views about capitalism and the role of black people, he allows, indeed pushes, Scout (Now Jean Louise of course) to have her own ideologies, which is admirable regardless of my now altered views of him as a person.

More than anything else, this made me realise that people are complex, and to not idolise anyone to an extent where you dehumanise them, and are unable to forgive their mistakes. I’m not talking about my relationship with Atticus, but Scout’s with Atticus. As adults, I think we all need to start seeing our parents and any other heroes or role models as people capable of fucking up, just as much as anybody else. What do you guys think?

This was a complex read. I actually really liked Hank’s character, and I adored the flashbacks. I can see why Harper Lee’s then-editor liked those the best. It made me feel a lot of things I didn’t necessarily enjoy feeling, but that only show how talented Harper Lee is.

I don’t recommend this book to people who have Atticus on a pedestal because this book will topple him over. I mean, it makes sense because TKAM was written through the eyes of a child, and GSAW was written through the eyes of a 26 years old clinging to the magnificence of the past. Like all of us. Scout is all of us. But cooler.

Ok, I don’t want to say more. Read it if you want to.


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Currently Reading (and not writing. As usual.)

Hello, my good people.
A quick update is in order, so that you know I’m still alive and in my senses. Cheers to that! :p
Work has picked up pace a little and I’ve been busy. And when I get home, I want to do nothing more than stare at my puppy, so that does not help with the writing. Oops?
I have been reading a bit though, on the commute and in my breaks when I’m alone. I’m on Wyrd Sisters by Pratchett right now and it is actually not inaccurate to say that every spare moment in my life is occupied by a Terry. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I so badly want to hug Terry Pratchett when I read some of his lines. I wish he could have lived and written another 10 books at least. 🙁 Well, I do still have a lot of the Discworld series to get through so I’m REALLY excited about that. I really discovered him too late but I’m happy that I have so much of him left to get to know because of my ignorance. :p
I leave you with the opening lines of the book which just sucked me in and male me want to never put it down. (Though I do have to put it down because adulthood. :|)

The wind howled. The lightning stabbed at the earth erratically like an inefficient assassin.

Read this book, people. And read Pratchett in general. It brings happiness and good health.

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Out-of-body experiences and complete overhauls

Look at the date, everyone! It’s 3rd of June! Those of you keeping tabs on my life, and I sincerely believe that all the followers of my blog are, ought to therefore be eagerly awaiting my update about my job! I have been at work for 3 days as of today! Huzzah! I’m an advocate! I really like my workplace and my coworkers, if anyone is wondering, which I again sincerely believe all of you are!
My reading isn’t suffering as much as I expected because I’ve been told to leave by 8.30 pm, which still leaves me sufficient time to read and relax at home. I’m presently reading NW by Zadie Smith, which is so arresting and well-written that I deserve a medal for being able to put it down. It’s a sign of growth and maturity, if I do say so myself. -sigh- Bloody adulthood, huh?
I’m reading this for a book club, and I suggested it myself because I loved On Beauty so much. have about a 150 pages of The Robber Bride left to read, which I haven’t yet because the book is too big to carry to work. Can you believe this is what it has come to?! Hmph. I’ll pick it up tonight after work.
I didn’t yesterday because I spent most of last night catching up on Doctor Who episodes, and I was in heaven! I’m watching quality TV and watching movies now, per my resolution from the beginning of the year to appreciate other media, and not just print. As a rule, I’m very much of a book snob and I’m trying to fix that. 🙂
I recently watched Mad Max: Fury Road and ADORED it. Much feminism, such love!
Oh, also, I went to a bookstore to celebrate the end of my carefree life, and I bought a ton of books. Aspirational, they are. Do you guys want to see a book haul? Maybe I’ll do one this weekend. 🙂 so there’s that to look forward to. Yay!
So… this is my life now, folks. 🙂


Here us a picture of my puppy concentrating on deep matters such as the fact that his ball is out of reach. Okay. NOW this my life, guys. :p Da puppeh is preciousest. 😀
Well, that’s it for now.

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Cheers xD

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Hello, hello, hellooo! Keep reading. There may be cute pictures.

LOOK! It's a cute puppy! Err...spoiler alert. :p

LOOK! A PUPPY! Look at those eyes!

My world has been turned upside down! I have returned home… for good. My entire world in college fit into two suitcases and two cartons. An end with a fizzle, indeed.
Yes, one of those cartons was books, not including the ones my parents brought home in March, and the ones I had brought back myself every vacation sneakily in my back to save luggage weight. (I do have back problems from grinning and pretending my backpack doesn’t weigh a thing. Thank you for asking. :p)
Well, that was the bad news. Moving on…
My parents knew I would be miserable to leave my home of half a decade, and some of the smartest people I have had the privilege of meeting.
And so… as the more erudite of you may have guessed, THEY BROUGHT HOME A TINY GERMAN BUNDLE OF JOY. (I mean he’s a german shepherd, guys. Keep up.) It’s the thing I have been asking for since I was a 5 year old smaller than this guy isn’t going to become in 5 months. <3333
Well, I am terribly sorry for the radio silence, guys. Forgive me?


I did read some books after my exams, (and during too. Stop looking at me like that) including Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel and Paying Guests by Sarah Waters, both of which I enjoyed thoroughly, especially the former.
I haven’t read at all since I came home because I had two papers to write and submit and a puppy to look after. I will have to try and get on top of the HUMONGOUS reading list I have pending now that things are settling down.
Here: one more cute:


I officially introduce all of you to Terry. 🙂
I missed you guys! I will be gooood. Promise.