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Life and Death

There’s a book that I’m actually really excited to read, and it’s by Stephanie Meyer. Actually there’s two.
The first is The Host, which would actually be a reread because I just replaced my lost copy!
I read The Host for the first time when I was on a trip with my parents and grandmother. I adored the book and spend the whole night reading it even though we had an early start the next morning.
It’s much cleverer and more interesting than the Twilight books. It was supposed to be part of a trilogy but that never happened which is good because it’s much better as a standalone.
The Twilight series on the other hand, starts off with a relatively interesting, albeit shy, person, with a life and hobbies and interests and turns her into this person who’s completely sucked into her control freak boyfriend’s life and family to the exclusion of everything else.
However, I’m really really curious to read her new book Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined which has been released in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Twilight. It’s basically Twilight reimagined with the genders of the characters swapped. I really want to read how she does it and if it really even works.
I acknowledge that this may end poorly and I accept that. I still want to know if this book will be a sufficient comeback to the repeated accusations of being unfeminist.
In an interview with EW, Stephanie Meyer said that “Bella isn’t a “damsel in distress” and is actually a “human in distress,” that is, “a normal human being surrounded on all sides by people who are basically superheroes and supervillains.”
Allegations of paedophilia aside, I am really interested to read this take on thr popular story.
How do you feel about this development? Will you read the book? Is it worth cheating on non-fiction month?
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