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The Instagram Tag

I found this tag on BluChickenNinja’s blog and it seemed like fun so I’ve decided to do it too. 😀

Here are the questions, and my responses:

1. What’s your Instagram name?

My Instagram handle is owlishphotographer. My name is ‘Sindhu Rao and Terry the GSD’  because I share my account with Terry, my puppy. ^_^

2. How many people do you follow?

I follow 261 people. 😀

3. How many followers do you have?

I have 143 followers. I’ll be honest, I was thrilled when I crossed the 100 followers mark. 😛

4. What are your favorite hashtags?

#bookstagram #dogsofinstagram #bookporn and most recently #guyinthebackisjudging

5. What is your favorite genre of pictures?

Books, dogs, stationery, funky jewellery, are at the top of the list. I also like to follow cartoonists and illustrators.

6. How often do you post?

A few times a week. At least once a week since I got my dog. 😛

7. How often do you check Instagram?

Everyday. I’m a social media addict. It’s a  problem.

8. What’s your favorite filter?

I like Clarendon, Gingham and Lo-fi. xD

9. iPhone only, purist or rebel?

I use my phone to take pictures even though I have a point and shoot camera. This is because my camera is never handy. I don’t have an iPhone though, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is a huge phone with an excellent camera. I’ve had to have it serviced though, because I dropped it and broke the display. I’m using my dad’s old phone which doesn’t have as good of a camera, but it’s nice enough if the lighting is good.

Go ahead and do this tag if you want to. 🙂 I’m too lazy to actually tag people.

Also, you can go ahead and stalk my Instagram and whatever other social media I have if you want to:

Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishphotographer

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Rereading my Favourite Book

If any of you follow my Instagram, you may know this already: I have a new copy of Bird by Bird, which is possibly my favourite book.

I took it out to reread a few weeks ago, and my puppy just destroyed it. He’s damaged my books before, and I’ve forgiven him because… Well, because of his face, okay? This one got me pissed off for a while though. But I finally let it go because he sat outside my bedroom door and refused to move until I spoke to him. True story.

My dad said he’s just like me and he likes to ruminate on interesting books. Dad jokes. Sigh.


Well, since it is Bird by Bird, and not a different book, I simply had to buy a new copy. It came a couple of days yesterday with a hilariously appropriate doggy bookmark. AMAZON KNOWS EVERYTHING. 😮


Since the book happily is non-fiction, which is the theme of the month, I’ve decided to take a couple of days to reread it. It’s particularly appropriate because I’m attempting NaNoWriMo at the end of this month and I have a vague story idea that I’ve debated like a crazy person with my best friend, but I’m majorly pantsing it. And pantsing is how Anne Lamott rolls. I love her so much.

You know, I haven’t read anything else that she’s written. Should I? Advise in comments.

This isn’t the only book I’m reading right now, but I’m just very excited to reread it and I wanted to tell you guys. I won’t be reviewing it or anything like that, though. I’ve just written this post to tell you guys to read this book for sure if you’re writers, especially if you’re doing NaNoWriMo. It’s like an adorable crash course in writing, and believing in your writing.

I have already read one book this month and scheduled a review for it, so you can look forward to that!

If you are doing NaNoWriMo, tell me and maybe we can be writing buddies? What are your favourite books about writing? Have you read anything by Anne Lamott? Let me know in the comments. 

Also, here are my customary social media links. Go ahead and stalk me:

Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishphotographer

That’s all for today.


Sin 🙂

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Currently Reading

I read my first Sarah Waters book earlier this year, her newest one, The Paying Guests, and I really enjoyed it, even though parts of it were quite melodramatic.
I then read Night Watch last month and I enjoyed it a lot more. I loved it, in fact.
A lot of people said that Paying Guests was not her best work, and I’m beginning to understand what they meant by that.
Anyway, I was taken enough with her work that I bought two more of her books in one of my many shopping trips.
I’m reading The Little Stranger now, which is her only book that doesn’t deal with lesbianism or other queer themes. In fact, it seems to be a ghost story.
I’ve read about a 100 pages of it so far, and it’s genuinely devastating. I’m more devastated than most because it involves a dog that’s gotten into trouble. I can’t say more, because spoilers, but it strikes me with each page exactly how prolific a writer Sarah Waters really is. I’m really glad I started reading her. She’s fast becoming a favourite and a must-buy author.
I have sense enough not to read it at night, but it’s rainy in Bangalore right now, and I feel as though I might actually be in gloomy, desolate post-war England.
I’m very glad my dog is in another room right now or I may have begun to sob. I identify very much with the plain girl, Caroline, who’s devoted to her dog, I must say.
Well, that’s all for now.
Stalk me, go on. Cheer a frightened girl up.
Twitter: @sindrao22
Instagram: owlishphotographer